All About Choosing The Right Diet

So, when it comes to choosing the right diet, you need to identify your goals first before you can choose. If you want to lose weight fast, like in a matter of two weeks or less, you can go on restrictive liquid diets where you consume nothing else but the liquid being prescribed.

The most famous restrictive we know of is the Master Cleanse, which Beyonce used to shed weight some decades ago. The Master Cleanse uses a blend of lemon, cayenne powder and maple syrup to help dieters get rid of the hardened feces in their large intestines. People who complete the recommended seven-day program will see plaque-like feces in different colors. Weight loss just happens to be a welcome side effect. Another recommended diet program is the 2-week diet by Brian Flatt, you can check that out as well.

Another restrictive diet is the so-called water diet where you guessed it right. You only take water for a certain number of days until you reach your weight goal.

Whether you use the Master Cleanse or the water diet, the truth about liquid-based restrictive dieting programs is that they are dangerous, and if you don’t prepare, your body could go into nervous shock and not be able to get up. But your worst enemy will be the hunger pangs. Have you ever tried not do anything for one day? It’s torturous. Now imagine doing it for seven days.

So, before doing anything, make sure you prepare yourself mentally and physically. Stock up on bentonite clay to mix in the water to manage your hunger pangs when you’re in the middle of dieting. Even more important, slowly ease yourself into the program of your choice.

For example, if you choose the Lean Belly Breakthrough Program, you could, for example, prepare one week before by eating only fruits and vegetables for the first three days and then graduating to water fruits like watermelon in during the next four days, gradually decreasing the amount of fruits you eat as you are increasing the water. Only when you’ve followed through in this type of preparation should you star the Master Cleanse.

You should do the same kind of preparation with the water diet – fruits and vegetables for stage one and watery fruits for stage two.

The good thing about restrictive liquid diets is that you will see results within a few days. However, and this is a big but, you almost immediately regain the weight back, especially if your body goes into starvation mode during dieting. This is where the HCG drops comes in.